Contents Cleaning

What are Contents?

If you were to turn your house or office upside down, everything that would fall to the ground would be considered your personal contents. Core Services primary responsibility would be to properly inventory all hard contents by way of an itemized inventory list and a multitude of photographic images.

In each and every case, the contents process begins with an overall assessment of the scope of the damage. The assessment is completed with the owner of Core Services, the insurance adjuster, and the property owner.

Part of this assessment is for all parties to work together to determine what is salvageable and what is not. At that point Core would itemize a list of non salvageable contents which are considered a total loss and submit to the insurance adjuster.

living room contents
fire damage couch

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is for Core to restore your personal belongings back to its original condition. Depending on the severity of the damage and the value of the items, we make every effort to clean, deodorize and restore them to pre-loss condition in a timely and cost effective manner.

The process of cleaning your possessions may take place onsite or taken out of the hazardous environment and cleaned at our personal warehouse. We also offer an emergency cleaning service which would be for items you need back in your possession immediately.

We don’t just service fires

Not only do we service and inventory contents that have been in a fire, but also that have been affected by mold, water damage, and natural disasters.
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