Fire Structure Cleaning


Regardless of the origin of the fire, it is possible for smoke to permeate the structure of a building. If excess humidity and moisture combines with smoke and ash, it can form a corrosive residue that may cause secondary damage to the structure of your home. When we arrive onsite, one of our first steps is to assess the damage to the structure of the property. We will assist in deciphering what areas of your building are able to be restored and what is not.
fire damage home
fire damage hidden


You may be tempted as a property owner to try to clean the surfaces of your building. It is not that simple. By doing so, you may create more damage than what was originally done. Not only will the smoke, (sometimes oily) soot, and odor embed itself in the structure of your home or business, it will also reach areas not normally visible to an untrained eye.

Trained Professionals

Core Services technicians are highly trained and have the understanding of how to remove the soot and odor with the proper cleaning agents in a detailed manner.

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