Textile Restoration

Revitalizing Textiles

After encountering a natural disaster such as fire, mold, or water, textiles and garments may be imbedded with soot, dirt, debris, oil and other intrusive contaminants.  When left unaddressed or improperly cleaned, these pollutants could be hazardous to textile fibers.  We are here and committed to restore your textiles to their pre loss condition.

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Comprehensive Textile Recovery

Core Services works closely with home owners, business owners, restoration companies, property managers, insurance adjusters and carriers, in order to provide you the service that you and your textiles deserve during this difficult time.

Our highly skilled staff will assist in the determination of the level of damage to your textiles, the inventorying of all textiles taken offsite, packaging after disinfecting, and the final delivery to your home or business.

Rapid Textile Restoration

At Core Services we offer emergency garment services that can be cleaned, processed and returned to you typically within 48 hours. The remaining items are inventoried by the room they were removed from, cleaned, sanitized and stored at our climate controlled facility until you are ready for them to be returned.

We Restore:  Dry clean items, bulk laundry, shoes, purses, belts, luggage, quilts, tapestries, drapes, bedding, linens, fur, leather, outerwear, wedding dresses, sports wear, household fabrics, and upholstered furniture

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